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  • Banking & Insurance
  • Retailing & Merchandising
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • HR Management
  • Foreign Trade Management
  • International Business
  • Advertising Management
  • Systems and Operations Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
Dual Specialisation - Marketing Compulsory

   SCMS-COCHIN is one of the very few business schools in India that offers twelve highly relevant and topical areas for specialisation/majoring for its PGDM programmes. It is the changing trend in the global market place that guided SCMS-COCHIN to widen its academic pursuits to the new pastures.

   Trimesters V and VI are for specialisation/majoring. Students are free to choose one elective from among the various options in Vth and Vllh trimester. Marketing Management is a compulsory specialisation. The objective of offering electives is to provide an in-depth knowledge to the students in those selected areas. Specialisation/majoring is a basis for career options in later life. An elective will be approved for study only if there are a minimum of 45 students opting for the same. Students will have to attain a certain level of academic standard to become eligible for electives of their choice. This will be ascertained by a test, if necessary.

New Courses in Specialisation

At SCMS-COCHIN new and relevant courses are introduced every year depending upon their scope for employment in that particular year. SCMS-COCHIN is flexible to the needs of the industry and our students. The Academic Advisory Committee meets twice a year to review the courses . 


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