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Fellow Programme in Management(FPM)

(Academic Year 2022-23)      


The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is a full-time/part-time, doctoral programme offering studies in different fields of management and functional areas. The programme intends to prepare potential scholars to become extremely skilled and advanced researchers and educators in various aspects of management. Keeping in view the long tradition of academic excellence, the following institutional goals have been laid for doctoral research:

  • To develop comprehensive understanding of fundamentals and state of the art of knowledge in the chosen field through courses and self-study,
  • To develop synergy between creativity, modernization, and the boundaries of knowledge in the chosen field of study,
  • To develop ability and skills to carry out independent research and development to face the challenges posed time to time on specific problems, and
  • To develop abilities to identify new possibilities in the Indian context and to undertake research and development in the most practical way.

The Fellow Programme in Management is granted for research work in areas recognized by the Research Centres of the Institute. The research work shall be an original work characterized either by the discovery of facts, or by a fresh approach towards the interpretation and application of facts, or development of equipment making a distinct advancement in instrument technology. It shall evince the candidate’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment and shall represent original contribution to the existing knowledge.

1.1. Area of Specialization

At the time of applying for admission, a candidate is required to choose his/her area of specialization for the purpose of the thesis. Student can pursue research in the following areas:

  • General Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology & Systems
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Decision Sciences
  • Strategic Management

A student is permitted to change the area of research only with the permission of FPM Committee. The FPM Committee may require the student to do some more courses suitable for the changed research area as the condition for such a change.

1.2. Course Design

The Fellow Program will have three broad phases, specifically.

1. Prescribed coursework to earn 42 credits, to be completed within two years from registration.

2. Comprehensive examination after the successful completion of course work.

3. Thesis period after the successful completion of comprehensive examination.

The scholar is conferred the title “Fellow in Management” of SCMS on successful completion of all the requirements of the programme.

1.3 Duration of the Programme

A scholar shall submit his/ her Thesis only after a minimum period of two years after registration. However, the maximum period allowed for the submission of the Thesis is five years from the date of admission to the Programme. Duration for earning Credit from all the course work as detailed in credit requirements, shall be earned within a maximum of three years from the date of admission to the Programme. Extension after the three years shall be approved by the Director for a period of one year with a review of progress every six months.


Toral number ofseats available for the Fellow Programme in Management is 20 in an academic year.

2.1. Admission Eligibility of Students

a. Postgraduate Degree or equivalent in Engineering and Technology/ Management/ Economics/ Social Science/ Biological Science/ Pure Science/ Commerce/ Humanities with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 6.0on a 10 point scale, or 60% marks shall be considered for admission to Fellow Programme. Relaxation of 5% for SC / ST / OBC-NC / Differently Abled Person.Professional qualifications of C.A., ICWA, and C.S. with 50% aggregate marks are also considered.

b. Those appearing for their final examination in the respective discipline can also apply. Such students if selected shall be provisionally admitted provided they complete all requirements in obtaining their Postgraduate Degree before 30th October of the year of admission. The admission of these candidates shall remain provisional until they produce the mark sheet proving that they satisfy the eligibility criteria. The deadline for submitting the final year mark sheet is 31st December.

c. In addition to 4.1.a, candidates currently employed in a full time job and having 5 years of full-time executive/managerial/ teaching / research experience as on Oct. 30, 2021 can opt for part time option.

The percentage of aggregate marks is to be calculated as per the practice followed by the concerned university or institution. In case the university/institution does not have a scheme for converting CGPA into equivalent marks, the equivalence will be established by SCMS by dividing the obtained CGPA with the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the resultant with 100.

2.2. Admission Procedure

  • The application shall be made in the prescribed form available with the Institution. Attested copies of all the necessary Certificates and testimonials are to be attached with the applications.
  • The candidate must submit an abstract of about 5000 words on the area of research interest (tentative research proposal) along with his/ her application.

A detailed information regarding admission procedure and instruction for online application and can be accessed from https://www.scms.edu.in/admission/

2.3. Selection Criteria

Selection for the Fellow Programme shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Academic qualifications and work experience
  • Tentative research proposal and its presentation before the Selection Committee
  • Personal interview

Please note: The decision of the Institution Selection Committee regarding admission shall be final.Communication shall be sent only to the selected candidates. The Institution shall not entertainany queries or correspondence in respect of those not selected.


Course Fee for the FPM programme in the academic year 2021-22 is Rs. 1,00,000 per annum. A candidate will have to pay a one time payment of Rs. 2000 towards Admission Charges and Rs. 25000 towards educational resources access fee. Caution Deposit for Rs.10000 (refundable) needs to be paid at the time of admission. The fee can be paid at one go or in two instalments every year.

Students with relevant experience can apply for tutorship/assistance-ship, if awarded, will be eligible for monthly stipend of Rs.15000. The fellowship programme provides a financial support of Rs. 20000 per month to the fulltime students after completion of course work for two years or submission of thesis whichever occur earlier. All selected students, meeting the requirements, are eligible for award of SCMS fellowship.

Revised fee structure if any, shall be uploaded accordingly. The fee will be charged each semester as per Institute rules/ norms applicable from time to time. Details can be obtained through e-mail at: [email protected]


4.1. Course Study/ Credit Requirements

In partial fulfilment of the requirement of the Fellow Programme, aminimum number of Course creditsare required to be earned as prescribed below :

4.1.a. Credit Requirements

The first two years of the programme are devoted to course work and the student is required to take 12 three-credit courses over this period. 7 of these courses should be taken in the first year and 5 in the second year. The programme has two categories of courses: (a) Core (i.e., required) Courses and (b) Elective (i.e., recommended) Courses.

Independent Study(IS)- Students have to undertake Independent Study (IS) for the first two years in addition to the 12 courses taken in years 1 and 2. A total of 6 credits of IS have to be taken, with a maximum of 3 credits every year. At the end of each IS, the student submits a final report to the faculty guide outlining exactly what they have done/learned.

Thus a student shall earn 24 credits in the first year and 18 credits in the second year together adding up to 42 credits in all.

Year-wise Plan

The objective and the techniques followed for each year of the programme are :

First Year

The key objectives in the first year are to:

  • Inculcate research interest
  • Provide theoretical foundations in the Area of Specialization
  • Provide exposure to basic research tools relevant to the Area of Specialization
  • Introduce the student to the research process

Second Year

The objectives, in the second year, are to:

  • Deepen Area-related theory knowledge
  • Build significant capability in research process in the Core Area
  • Provide actual research experience

The methods followed to achieve the objectives is to have an appropriate combination of courses and involvement in research. The Core and Elective Courses taken in the second year are expected to include adequate courses directed at building strong conceptual foundations in the Area of Specialization, enhancing their knowledge of relevant research tools, and enabling further specialization.

4.1.b. Details of Courses and Seminar

The stream specific Courses and Seminars shall be decided as approved by the Director on therecommendation by the fellow scholar’s Guide(s) and the Research Advisory Committee.

4.1.c. Duration for earning Credit

All the credits specified above shall be earned within a maximum of three years from the date ofadmission to the Programme. Extension after the three years shall be approved by the Directorfor a period of one year with a review of progress every six months. Final approval shall begiven by the Director of the Institution

4.1.d. Grading System of Credit Courses/Seminar

The minimum of CGPA of 6.5 on a 10 point scale or 60% is required for passing Course/ Seminar.

A student getting less than 60% shall be given one more opportunity to repeat the Course/Seminar. If he/ she still does not pass in the Course/ Seminar, he/ she shall be terminated fromthe Fellow Programme.

4.2. Registration Seminar and Progress Seminar

Each research scholar needs to register his/ her research proposal. The registration procedure is givenbelow.

4.2.a. Pre-registration Seminar

Each research scholar shall give a pre-registration Seminar before a Committee constituted bythe Director. The Committee shall include the Guide(s), experts drawn from Institution’s Facultymembers and Director. The Seminar shall be given after completion of the three modules. TheResearch Scholar shall submit 5 copies of the pre-registration Report (in about 15-20 pages) 15days before the date of the Seminar. The Report shall include the proposed title of the Thesis,are and framework of the proposed research objectives, scope of the study, hypothesis if any,and methodology to be followed. This stage is considered to be very important for screeningthe scholar for further progress in the Programme. In case the research scholar fails todefend his/her Thesis proposal successfully, he/she shall be allowed to resubmit the modifiedresearch proposal as suggested by the above mentioned Committee. He/ she needs to give afresh Seminar based on the modified research proposal and in case he or she fails to defend itin the second time, the research scholar shall be terminated from the Programme.

4.2.b. Application for registration

A scholar must apply for formal registration within one month after successful completionof the pre-registration Seminar. The application for registration to be made in a prescribedform and shall be accompanied by the following:

  • Title and summary of the Thesis proposal approved by the Guide(s)
  • Registration Fee of ₹2500/-

4.2.c. Effective Date of Registration

The registration shall be effective from the date of application for the registration.

4.2.d. Submission and Evaluation of the Synopsis and Thesis

a. Pre-Synopsis Seminar - Every research scholar before submission of his/ her Thesis must give pre-Synopsis Seminar at the Institution. The procedure for the pre-Synopsis Seminar is as follows:

  • Submission of 5 copies of the pre-Synopsis Report (not more than 40pages). The Reportshall include the focus and the summary of the Thesis. Highlighting his/ her owncontribution, details of the methodology, results, analysis, conclusions, limitations, andscope for future research. It is to be submitted through the Guide(s).
  • For seeking the approval, the scholar shall present pre-Synopsis Seminar before theCommittee consisting of Director, Guide(s) and two Faculty experts in the relevant area ofresearch. An outside expert, having expertise in the area of research shall be included inthe Committee.
  • The Committee shall judge the work with regard to its accept ability and suggestmodification or elaboration of the work, if necessary, after incorporating the suggestedchanges/ modifications to the satisfaction of the Committee, an abridged version of thesame in about 15-70 pages shall be submitted as Synopsis for the purpose of sending it toprospective examiners.

b. Submission of the Synopsis

Five copies of the Synopsis with necessary modification incorporated shall be submitted within a period of one month from the date of the pre-Synopsis Seminar to the Institution with a Certificate by fellow scholar and the Guide(s) stating:

  • That there is a prima facie case for consideration of the Thesis;
  • That the work does not include any work which has at any time previously been submittedfor an award of Fellow in Management or other equivalent Degree.

c. Selection of Examiners

On receipt of Synopsis, the Director shall draw up a list of 6 possible examiners of the Thesis inconsultation with the Research Advisory Committee and Guide(s). The examiners shall be fromoutside Institution, one from India and one from abroad, having good academic and researchstanding in the field. Two examiners shall be selected by the Director from the list.

d. Submission of Thesis

The Thesis shall be submitted in six type written/ printed copies and a soft copy with necessaryCertificates and clearance within a period of 6 months from the date of submission of theSynopsis. An examination Fee of ₹25000/- which includes an honorarium of US$250forforeign examiner and ₹5000/- Indian Examiner must be paid along with the Thesis submission.

e. Recommendations of the Examiners

  • A critical review and evaluation of the quality and extent of the work of the scholar asembodied in the Thesis.
  • A definite recommendation as to whether the Thesis is of a sufficient standard and suitablefor the award of Fellow in Management: and
  • If the examiner is not in a position to make definite recommendation for the award ofthe“Fellow in Management”, He/ She shall indicate the required modification/ revisioninvolving rewriting of Chapters but not involving further research work OR Completerewriting of the Thesis with an additional research work reinterpretation of Data.

f. Acceptance/ Rejection of Thesis

The Thesis shall be accepted if all the examiners make positive recommendations. Ifrecommendations for rejection or inconclusive recommendations are made by anyone of theexaminer, Director shall refer the Thesis to another examiner or examiners(s) from the panel. Ifsuch a panel of examiner(s) rejects the Thesis, it shall stand rejected.

g. Re-submission of the Thesis

A Thesis which needs modification/ revision shall be resubmitted after revision within a periodof one year. Rejection of the Thesis after re-submission shall normally disqualify the scholar of further consideration for the award of the Fellow in Management.

h. Viva-Voce

On acceptance of the Thesis, the Director shall appoint a panel of examiners to conduct a Viva-voceexamination and Open Defense at which the scholar shall be required to defend his/her Thesis. The panel of examiners shall consist of:

  • The Chairman, Dean (Academic or Research) or his/ her nominee not below the rank ofProfessor of the Institution nominated by the Director
  • The Guide(s)
  • Indian External Examiner who examined the Thesis and accepted it.

The panel of Examiners shall submit their Report to the Director of the Institution.

If a Thesis has been accepted, but the scholar fails to defend it successfully at the Vice-voceexamination, he/ she shall reappear for the viva-voce examination within six months.


5.a. Time Limit

A Scholar shall submit his/ her Thesis only after a minimum period of two years afterregistration. However, the maximum period allowed for the submission of the Thesis is fiveyears from the date of admission to the Programme.

If a scholar fails to submit the Thesis within the prescribed upper time limit due to reasonsbeyond his/her control, he/she shall apply to the Director for an extension.If the Institution issatisfied with the scholar’s justification, the Director shall permit him/her to re-register to theProgramme subject to the payment of re-registration Fee. This re-registration shall, however,be effective only for a period of two years beyond which no extension shall be permitted.

5.b. Break or Unauthorized absence from the Programme

Any break or unauthorized absence from the Programme before registration shall lead to thecancellation of admission. Any authorized break or leave of absence shall not be counted forthe minimum period of 2 years stipulated for submission of Thesis but shall be counted in themaximum period of 5 years permissible for submission of the Thesis.


On successful completion of the viva-voce and on the recommendations of the Institution’s GoverningBoard, the Institution shall award “Fellow in Management” to the Research scholar. The title of the Thesisshall be mentioned in the Certificate of award.

  • Scholar must furnish a periodical Report of progress of the Course work and research workfor consideration of Institution, Research Advisory Committee, and the Guide(s). Unsatisfactoryprogress in research shall render the student terminated from the Programme.
  • The scholar shall pay all the prescribed Fee as and when they fall due.
  • The Courses prescribed, but not successfully completed by the scholar shall be reconsideredby the Director. Research Advisory Committee shall suggest alternative Course(s) dependingupon the relevance of the Course(s) to the research work of scholar.
  • The research scholar shall face automatic disqualification and termination from the Programme,if he/ she is found to be admitted to any other equivalent Degree Level Programme.
  • The Council reserves the right to amend, modify or change Regulations as may be necessary,from time to time. All such changes shall be binding on the research scholar in the Institution.

8.1. Selection of Guide(s)

Each scholar shall have one/ two Guide(s) under whose supervision the research work in relation to the Programme shall be carried out. TheGuide(s) shall be nominated by the Directorof the Institution. All Guides shall be internal. In exceptional cases, where external guidanceshall be required, recognized Guides from reputed Institutions shall be allowed as co-guideswith the permission of AICTE. Research Guides shall be allotted to the selected fellow scholar aftercompletion of the necessary course work and related formalities. The research Programme andareas of research shall be finalized by respective Guides after discussion with the scholar and should be forwarded to the Director for concurrence.

Faculty with Ph.D and with at least 2 publications in recent times (within 3 years) in high qualityjournals of repute are eligible to Guide the Fellow Programme scholars. Each such Facultyshall be assigned a maximum of 2 scholars in each admission year.At any given time, the number of Research Fellows working with a Guide shall not exceed five.

8.2. Absence of Guide during the Programme

In Case of temporary absence of a Guide for a period of more than one year a new Guide shallbe nominated for the Fellow Student. In case of a Guide who has guided for more than ayear, he/ she shall be allowed to resume the guidance after his/ her return from temporaryabsence.If the period of absence is less than 2 years, the pervious Guide shall act as Co-Guide on his/her return. If the period of absence is more than 2 years he/she shall cease to be a Guide for theFellow scholar.

8.3. Change of Guide

Change of a Guide shall be permitted in exceptional circumstances on the recommendation ofthe Director.

8.4. Research Advisory Committee

The Director shall nominate a Research Advisory Committee for each Fellow based on therecommendation of the Guide(s).