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Home Placement



She is ecstatic, exclaiming “I could not believe I had bagged the job. The first thing I did was call my father.”

   A firm believer in destiny, Minu Varghese Cherayath is glad that her family moved to Kerala after living for many years in Surat, which is where she graduated. That’s because it gave her an opportunity to look for B Schools in God’s own country, and SCMS Cochin School of Business is the name that popped up wherever she looked. The decision to attend SCMS Cochin was a no brainer for Minu. The institute has given her the best possibility to pursue her PGDM goals, and this has led to an enriching academic journey, culminating in a placement with a prestigious name like Deloitte.

   Minu will be working as a Tax consultant with Deloitte, and the newly bagged position will require a move to Hyderabad. Winning the dream placement has her thrilled, but looking back she says, “Of course, getting selected in one of the biggest companies in the world is exciting, but the knowledge I have gained in my two years at SCMS Cochin is more important for me. I could apply my theoretical learning into practice with assignments, industrial visits, internships, and other different initiatives. It was truly exhilarating every step of the way.”

   Of course, Minu made sure she displayed her technical knowledge and the skills she gained through her academic journey during the crucial placement interview. She admits that she knew it was her shot at getting the placement she wanted and decided to give it her all. “I think they were impressed by my technical knowledge of the subject,” she says. “But to be honest, what really got me the job was the fact that I could tell them how I could use and apply this knowledge in different areas of work.”

   In addition to her education, Minu is quick to admit that she wouldn’t have been so confident during the interview and placement process if it wasn’t for the guidance from her institute. She believes SCMS Cochin prepared her well for the process, giving her an ability to put her best step forward. “IMLP, OBT, Mentoring, General Knowledge, Mock test and interviews – these were the many initiatives that prepared us for this moment throughout the year,” she tells us. “GDs, Fest, Capstone stimulation program, PDP also helped us get ready for this phase.”

   However, one of the crucial steps in a management student’s life that grooms them for the professional world is the Summer Internship program. Minu believes she got lucky with her internship and she elaborates on her experience as she says, “I did my internship with South Indian Bank Regional Office, Bangalore. I learned a lot there and would like to inculcate that in my work life. A work-life balance, respect and patience are important to me.” Those are the qualities she hopes to count on in her new position as she deals with U.S. clients. Minu has now embarked on a professional journey and aims to fly high with the wings her institute has given her. While she is filled with anticipation for what future holds, she looks back on the past and misses her faculty members, classmates, and student life as a whole. If you ask her if she has advice for her juniors, she says, “The world is full of surprises, you never know how capable you are until the right time comes. So, be well prepared for the happiness which you are going to get in life.” Minu certainly has found hers.