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Industry Institute Interactive Session with Prof. J. Philip, Founder-President, XIME

“Good is the enemy of Great”, an Industry Institute Interactive Session with Prof. J. Philip, Founder-President, XIME

SCMS family was so elated to hear the insights from the speaker of the day, Prof .J Philip, Founder-President of XIME, the institution builder, a pioneer in providing quality education and a renowned author

While speaking on topic “Revisiting MBA”- the greatest education innovation of the twentieth century, he said, “Good is the enemy of Great”. The thrust of becoming great can be made possible through achievement drive of students. We can do great things by being the change we aspire to. This was the main theme for the talk in the III session held at SCMS Cochin School of Business on October 4, 2017.

The business management programs like MBA and PGDM are not just an educational experience but also a transformational one. He said that the students are not just to be stretched technically but terms of personality development. Only decent business institutes, which can provide value-based education, can transform students into a virtuous person.

The students are the soul of any institution, and they are the ones, who can take the institute to greater heights. Successful leaders are not born; they are created by themselves with training and experience. Good speakers are good leaders. To become a successful leader, one has to develop effective communication and clear thinking.

“Knowing-doing-being” are the three main gears for becoming an efficacious leader in life. Acquire knowledge and doing it in action, as a great human being with values leads to successful leaders.


Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing.”


A report by Ms. Rafna Kareem(PGDM 26 Batch)