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Panorama 2017- Talk by Dr. Beena IAS, Managing Director, KSIDC

   “Think outside, link with society, feel with the needs of humanity and that will make a creative difference in the way disruption can happen”. - Dr. Beena IAS, Managing Director, KSIDC

    The above statements can make us feel that, how the speakers of Panorama 2017 were so enthusiastic and optimistic towards the idea of disruptive workspace. Ms. Ajitha Raj explained the importance of SMACIT (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things) in designing ways to disruptive development. Technology, media & entertainment, retailing, financial services and telecommunication are the five areas where the digital disruption is rapidly occurring. Amazon Go, Jio, Flipkart etc are few examples where we can observe disruption at any moment.

   Ms. Binni Rai Pratap mainly spoke about the drivers of digital disruption, transformation from traditional workplace to new, and the Jabong way. The ability to adapt, collaborate and improvise helps in disruption. We have shifted from a traditional workplace, where it is closed, structured, formal, inflexible and hierarchical, to a new workplace, where it is open, dynamic, informal, flexible and co-creative.

   Mr. M. Muthiah was of the opinion that, life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY were just fruits. He gave details on the approaches that we need to take like structural review, digital interventions, IT penetration test etc. The Malayalam film actor and an ad filmmaker, Mr. Sijoy Varghese gave a different dimension to disruptive workplace, where he said the disruption accompanied by the grace of Almighty would be sustainable and developmental. He said, nobody wants to loss their position in the market, and that is the future of advertising agencies.

   “Digital disruption is like evolution of man, which can be equated to evolution of corporate, where evolution of man was the result of the survival by being adaptable. In the same way corporate evolved and survived by the readiness to adapt, collaborate and improvise”.

- Ms. Binni Rai Prathap, Managing Director-HR, Jabong


– A report by Bristo Thomas (PGDM Batch 25)