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PANORAMA 2017 - Talk by Mr. Parag Shahane, Unit Creative Director, Linteractive.

    “They say, the competition is rising day by day, but the truth is, every niche is owned by a monopoly”. - Mr. Parag Shahane, Unit Creative Director, Linteractive.

   Mr. Parag Shahane was successful in comparing and contrasting various fields in the industries, where the disruption is actually happening. He started with a novel thought, where he said, Mahatma Gandhi started the disruption in war culture, when Gandhiji transformed the tactics of war, which was formally the use swords and guns, to an idea of Non-violence, and thereby he destroyed the morale of British.

   The eight billionaires on earth own the same wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people has. This is because of the effective disruptive thoughts, by those who are behind the creation of brands, which disrupted the industry culture of the world. The examples can be Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. Mr. Parag showed statistical data, that illustrated an India which is far behind many countries in the usage of mobile, social media, e-commerce etc.

   Initially disruptions may not be felt by our senses, but as we go on experiencing it, we understand what is disruptive around us. Contradicting this factor, two events that happened on November 07 & 08, 2016, showed disruptions can also be felt at the very moment. This is when PM Narendra Modi demonetized 500-rupee and 1000-rupee notes, and when Trump was elected to be the next President of United States. The consequences of both disruptive actions are uncertain.

   The modern Customer is- never alone, always connected, constantly consuming and often sedentary. Moreover, there are five reasons why business is going digital. They are-

  • Community

  • Conversation

  • Consumer generated content

  • Collaboration

  • Collective intelligence

– A report by Bristo Thomas (PGDM Batch 25)