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PANORAMA 2017 - Talk by Prof. Dr. Abraham Koshy (Senior Professor, IIM A)

   “Disruption is not unique to this age; the past generation saw a number of disruptions pertaining to their age”- Prof. Dr. Abraham Koshy (Senior Professor, IIM A)

   The sessions for Panorama was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Abraham Koshy, Senior professor, IIM A. His name is always tagged with the great marketing Management legendary, Peter Kotler.

   Dr. Abraham explained about disruptive forces. He elucidated how it is influencing the fields of pharmaceutical industry, mobile industry, automobile industry, textile and fashion industry etc. For example, Penicillin was a disruptive change in the pharmaceutical industry.

   Artificial intelligence is going to change the way we live, and the manifestation of this can be seen in the fundamental levels i.e. even in the possession of material things we will observe drastic changes and transforms. The concept of possession and consumption is seeing a shift now. It will change the structure of society by transforming the mentality of individual and community.

   Many organizations are unaware about the importance of artificial intelligence, and thus make them accept in the future that they are becoming irrelevant. In the same way, we need to be aware while taking a decision for start-ups, because the mortality rate due to the failure is approx. 98%. Dr. Abraham Koshy said. “Discover the passion in you. Don’t get into start-ups to avoid the rigidity of the society, do it to fulfill your passion and motivation”.

   Dr. Abraham urged the students to start asking question and utilize the people who share their knowledge. He said, “You should ask in mind, how you become relevant, skilled, equipped towards the rapid changes in the world now”.

   – A report by Bristo Thomas (PGDM Batch 25)