About Us

SCMS JOURNAL OF INDIAN MANAGEMENT is a UGC approved, a double-blind peer-reviewed journal on Management embedded in EBSCO, J-Gate, Pro Quest, ICI, and Ulrich’s, published quarterly by SCMS Group of Educational Institutions. SCMS Journal of Indian Management has successfully completed the fourteenth year of its publication. All these years the journal has abided by “timeliness.”


Quality Assurance

The journal abides by Quality Management system, ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Contribution to new knowledge

Only such articles, which can contribute to new areas of knowledge, are chosen for publication.

Readability of articles

The effort has been made to make every article reader-friendly. Authors have been advised to use language in such a way that the journal can be read with ease and grace.

International Perspective

The journal has been developing an international perspective through the articles and their choice.

Utilization of Journal content by end users

Most of the famous b-schools receive the journal either as subscribers or as beneficiaries by being exchangers of journals

International Editorial Board

In order to offer editorial advice for effective publication of the journal, an International Editorial Board has been constituted with the following dignitaries:

Original vs. cited

The author of a paper shall ensure he/she has written original works. If the author has used work/word of others, it has to be appropriately sited /acknowledged.