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TELECOM - On the Cusp of Transformation: III Session with Mr. Solomon Mathews, Vice President-Sales, IDEA Kerala

What we experience now is the outcome of great dreams that our past generations had.”

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  • PANORAMA 2017 - Disruptive Workspace on 19-20 Jan, 2017 - Seminar at SCMS

         Panorama is an annual platform hosted by SCMS where leading lights of society and business join to think aloud and together on a theme that is about to shake up the way business is conducted globally. it is a brain storming event and the ideas thrown out in sessions have been ...

    The III session on 3rd January was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Waltraut Ritter.

          The III session on 3rd

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  • KMAT KERALA Notifications


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  • Faculty Development Programme on the topic "Sentimental Marketing"

    Working on sentiments, emotions, and nostalgia to prop up brands and make them remain differentiated from the rest of the competition and sustain, is nothing new. Yet there is a renewed focus on this approach in the light of new technologies and digital surge. Who may be the Experts and Stalwart...

    Campus Placement 2016