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Mr. Justin Joy

Mr. Justin Joy tells us how his industry experience has been used to benefit students at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

Mr. Justin Joy is an Assistant Professor in Systems and Operations at SCMS Cochin School of Business. But as is the case with several of the faculty members at the institute, he has solid industry experience to boot. The Mechanical Engineer went on to do his Master’s in Business Information Technology from Newcastle Business School before gathering 11 years of work experience with some well-known organizations. It was during the last couple of years of his industry career, when he was handling a training role, that he developed an interest in teaching. The rest as they say is history.

Today, Mr. Joy is quite pleased with the way things have turned out, and uses his industry experience to his advantage in his new role. “When I was working in the training role as an industry professional, I realized that I really enjoyed it,” he explains. “So, joining SCMS Cochin was the next logical step for me, since it’s such a reputable institute. Now I try to use my industry experience for the benefit of the students. I know that whatever work experience I have, helps them in the classroom as I can make things more relatable to them.”

Mr. Joy’s industry experience is quite impressive and includes a stint as a Business Area Manager for Educomp Solutions Limited. He also worked as a web and business development manager, and head of computer applications at IFCR India, a Canada based research organization. Was leaving such a prolific career an easy decision to make? He responds without batting an eyelid: “When you know what you want to do, the decision becomes a lot easier. I was very keen on getting into academics and found a right fit with the institute, so I took the plunge.”

He calls SCMS Cochin the right fit for him because the institute is known to encourage research, something Mr. Joy, who is presently doing his PhD, is clearly very interested in. But he admits that it’s also because they have the same vision for training students and creating industry ready professionals. “The idea is to give students a practical understanding of things as well so that they can use it in their careers,” he says. “My own industry exposure allows me to focus on the practical applications of theoretical concepts, which helps students too.”

So how exactly does he do that in Systems and Operations, and what does he make of the field in terms of career prospects? “Everything we do, from classroom exercises to assignments, we focus on the practical world rather than theory,” he begins. “For example, if I am teaching databases, it will be about databases for a particular industry. We ask them to implement ideas in keeping with the needs of an organization, which gives them practical insight. It is a field with tremendous opportunities and we prepare students to make the most out of them.” A solid education and exposure to industry practices – this is what SCMS Cochin strives to instill in its students. So, it makes perfect sense for Mr. Joy to part of the renowned faculty of the institute.