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Raj Nair

FROM MUSCAT TO SCMS-COCHIN: Raj Nair Returns After 15 Long Years

   The 18th of June 2012 can well be defined in the annals of SCMS-COCHIN history in just one word – ‘Persistence’. It was the day when SCMS-COCHIN’s ‘persistent’ efforts in bringing one of its most professionally-‘persistent’ alumni finally bore fruit. Raj Nair, Business Manager, EINT Automotive LLC, W.J. Towell Group Company, returned to SCMS-COCHIN 15 years after he had passed out, and was deservingly awarded the ‘Home Coming’ T-shirt by Professor Sreekumar Pillai.

   Raj Nair, in his pre-dinner talk with the current students of SCMS-COCHIN, could not help reminiscing about his days at SCMS-COCHIN. He confessed, “This visit was long overdue. I had promised to visit on many occasions but somehow it never materialised,” offering that it was better late than never.

   Raj spoke earnestly about the art of persisting in whatever you do. He advised the youngsters to constantly be on the lookout for the opportunity that they would want to - and could - convert into a lifetime pursuit.

   “Today SCMS-COCHIN is an established brand, with its alumni spread across the globe. But things were not as easy for us 15 years back. While the better known institutes at that time had industry knocking on their doors, we at SCMS-COCHIN really had to stretch ourselves to be noticed. There was a feeling in each of us to go that extra mile. When I passed out with the 4th Batch of PGDM from SCMS-COCHIN, I had a job offer from Hallmark in Pune as a frontline sales-person. While working there, an opportunity from EINT Automotive L.L.C. W. J. Towell Group Company, as a Sales Executive in Muscat, Oman came my way. I persisted and landed the job, and ever since, I’ve seen no reason to shift.”

   Today, Raj Nair is the Head of Business of his vertical in EINT Automotive. The fact that he has stuck to the job and risen through the ranks over a period of 14 years is a testimony to his hard work and determination.

   Bringing in a flavour of humour to the entire proceedings, Professor Pillai said that if Raj wouldn’t have ‘come home’ to SCMS-COCHIN this time around, they had planned to lay an ambush for him!

   “We know he is on a vacation, and are absolutely thrilled to have him back and share his experiences and meet his mentors here at SCMS-COCHIN at such short notice. Alumni like Raj Nair are the reason why the otherwise impenetrable gates of corporate houses abroad open up for students of SCMS-COCHIN.”

   Raj interacted with the students and answered their queries regarding his job, his corporate experiences, his family life and, most importantly, the challenges of landing a job abroad as well as being part of the same company for more than a decade.

“SCMS-COCHIN was a life-changing experience for me. It is where I learnt to remain positive, in success and in failure,” he finally summed up.