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Meera Rajgopal

Beating the blues of Accounts and starting on with Deloitte - Meera Rajagopal’s SCMS PGDM journey

“I believe SCMS Cochin has done a great job in building my self-confidence. It has given me the courage to take on responsibilities and accept challenges with the conviction that I will be able to deliver on them in time.” These are the words of Meera Rajgopal, student of PGDM 23 (Class of 2014- 2016), who did her specialization in Systems and Operations and has bagged a placement with a renowned name like Deloitte.

Here she takes us through her journey with the institute from day one to her coveted placement.

A friendly start

   Meera’s first day is etched in her mind because that’s the day she met her closest friend at the institute and a faculty member who made her feel at home at once. “It was a truly special day in every sense because I met my close friend here and we ended up being together throughout these two years,” she recalls. “We also got chance to interact with the faculty members who made us feel comfortable right at the outset. That feeling of comfort and being at home stayed through the two years of my journey here.”

   In fact, Meera talks highly of the support she received from her friends and faculty even when she has to think of her most challenging moment at SCMS Cochin. “Being from a B.Tech background I was petrified of Accounts. Thankfully, our faculty member helped me get over the fear. I would say the faculty team is the lifeline of the institute and we just couldn’t have done it without them,” she adds.

Creating well-rounded professionals the SCMS way

   SCMS Cochin not only prepares you for your professional journey but does everything possible to offer you overall well-rounded learning experience. In particular, Meera mentions the IMLP sessions that improved her presentation skills. “We were put in different groups and had to do a presentation on a particular topic every week,” she explains. “These half hour presentations were instrumental in improving our stage presence to a large extent.”

   Meera also highlights the fact that meeting professionals on campus, including entrepreneurs and academics from different walks of life and industries, boosted her confidence. It helped her through the placement process when she had to face her recruiters for the first time.

Ready for the life of a corporate professional

   Her student years might not be far behind, but Meera is making the transition to being a corporate professional. She will be working in the Bangalore office of Deloitte as a Knowledge Analyst. She is gung ho about what the future holds. “SCMS Cochin has brought me to this place in my life and now things are going to get bigger and better. I am looking forward to proving myself as a corporate professional,” she ends on a high note.