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Chandana P K

Chandana P K talks about how her institute groomed her as a well-rounded professional

   “My academic journey with SCMS Cochin School of Business was the one thing that made me reach my goal. It served as a foundation for me to achieve my career objective.” These are the words of Chandana P K, who came to the institute to pursue her management aspirations. Today, she has bagged a placement as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte, a top global brand. This is a dream come true for Chandana, and she feels an immense sense of gratitude for the contribution of her B school. Clearly, Chandana was on cloud-nine when she heard of her placement. She describes the excitement, saying, “I had tears of joy knowing that I had joined such a reputable firm. There was also a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I had made my parents and institute proud.” Now, she is geared up for the challenges ahead in her role as a Tax Consultant; and, she believes her team-player abilities will be called on at work.

   The importance of team work is one of the many aspects of managerial responsibilities she learned at SCMS Cochin. In fact, according to Chandana, it was a huge learning curve from day one: “The learning environment was dynamic and completely different from what I was used to. I had chosen the institute because the curriculum is updated regularly to match industry and academic standards.”

   Today, as she looks back, Chandana affirms that it was the right decision to make. After all, her time at the institute offered her plenty of exposure, which was a source of building her confidence and helping her with time management skills. “It most certainly helped me build my soft skills and knowledge that guided me in a way that I could get this job,” she says. “I was very pleasant and confident throughout my interview, which made the best impression for me.”

   Of course, Chandana and her batch mates were put through special training and coaching programs that prepared them well for the placement process. She also mentions the contribution of her faculty members who remained accessible to support her at any time. “I also think my summer internship experience with Mahindra Finance was a big help. Overall, SCMS Cochin had done everything possible to make sure we were industry ready,” she adds.

   Chandana’s journey at the institute has been a roller coaster ride, one which she has enjoyed thoroughly. As she prepares for her role as a professional she is filled with nostalgia and emotions. “I am definitely going to miss my friends from the institute and the hostel, which was the stage for many lovely memories,” she says, thinking back. “SCMS Cochin is a great place for your overall growth and I’d like to ask students to make the most of the opportunities it offers them.” Obviously, Chandana made the most of it – and her hard work and dedication has paid off well.