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Yashica Raichura

“SCMS Cochin makes managers of life,” says Yashica Raichura

   “SCMS Cochin has its own discipline and culture, which sets it apart from other management schools. We had students from all over the country,” says Yashica Raichura, a Gujarati girl from Calicut. Studying with management students from different parts of India was in itself a huge learning experience, according to her. And, backed with the solid platform created by the institute, she has now managed to bag a placement with Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

   Yashica will be working as a U.S. Taxation consultant with the reputable firm, but this is not her first job. She worked at an event management company for a year, before coming to SCMS Cochin to strengthen her career prospects. Recounting her journey with the institute, Yashica says, “It wasn’t only about academic learning ? I learned a lot about life, too. SCMS Cochin makes managers of life; besides learning the importance of time management, I gained a lot through extracurricular activities that I was a part of.”

   During her academic years at the institute, Yashica played different roles. She was a coordinator of IMLP Sessions and Industry Institute Interface events, and she was a member of MRC Club (spoc). Not only did she take part in the Holy Grace Management Fest, but she also won the first place at the event, which she recounts as one of her major achievements. Now she can add another achievement to the list: bagging a prestigious placement after a gruelling selection process.

   “There were a total of six rounds in the two-day selection process, with eliminations after every round. After the aptitude test and the round to determine candidates’ communication skills, we were put through the Versant test on Day 1. The next day involved three rounds of interviews including the technical and HR one,” says Yashica. She believes she had an upper hand because SCMS Cochin School of Business offered courses on the Income Tax during the 5th trimester, which should also help her performance during her time with Deloitte Consulting. Yashica also understands the importance of her institute’s focus on overall personality development. She feels that this helped her make an impression during the selection process. “Apart from the technical knowledge, Deloitte places a high importance on communication. At all stages, SCMS helped us in developing our communication skills through presentations, GD preparations and forum activities,” she says. Yashica stresses the importance of the support that she received from her faculty members and classmates. This made things a lot easier for her.

   Besides being a budding management professional with great potential, Yashica is also a talented painter. Glass painting is one of her hobbies and now he has an opportunity to paint her future in hues of her choice. She smiles at the thought and says, “I just want to work hard and give everything I have to my job. I want to make my parents and my institute proud of me. I also believe in continuous learning at every stage in my life and I believe that will help me climb up the success ladder.”

   Today, Yashica is brimming with confidence; but, she also has a level headed approach to life. In five year’s time she hopes to be in a respectable position with the company while maintaining a healthy balance in her personal life. To those who are looking forward to a career in management, she recommends a program like the one she went through at SCMS Cochin to get the cutting edge advantage. “It taught me a great deal, but most importantly it taught me how to present myself in the corporate world,” she says. And this experience has given her an opportunity of a lifetime.