Parivarthana 2014

The 2014 edition of Parivarthana was pivoted on the theme: Drug Abuse and Road Accidents. The event took place in Darbar Hall Grounds and brought in large number of guests and public, including some of the renowned names in the region, making the inauguration a roaring success. The drive “Say No To Drugs And Yes To Life” aimed to bring their awareness campaign to around 100 schools in the state. By reaching out to a large number of youngsters, the campaign’s goal was to make them realize the ill effects of drug abuse. The drive included several events, like skits and dance performances, to effectively achieve their goals. The 2014 edition's inaugural proceedings began with the Walkathon flagged off by Mr. Venugopal, Chairman, Greater Cochin Development Authority. Several eminent personalities, including Ms. Sreelekha, I.P.S., Mr. Captain Raju, Veteran Actor, Mr. Vinu Varghese, COO, Idea, and young film star Apoorva Bose gracing the event.

Parivarthana 2013

On 3rd of October 2013, SCMS-Cochin School of Business launched its annual CSR initiative, Parivathana, around the theme of ‘Friends of Police’. Lauding the initiative by SCMS-Cochin School of Business, Mr. K. Padmakumar, IPS, IG – Central Zone, Kerala Police, observed that if people are clearer on the role, duties and functioning of the police force, maintaining law and order will become a lot easier. As per the traditions of Parivathana, the script of the programme was handed over to the core Parivarthana team members by the Chief Guest, Mr. Padmakuram. This was followed by a performance of a street play, The Fence and the Magical Lamp, by the core team.

Like in previous years, Parivarthana 2013 is a month-long initiative under which more than 10,000 children from 500 schools in and around Cochin are being addressed.

Under this initiative, 216 students of SCMS-Cochin School of Business have turned goodwill ambassadors for Kerala Police. The entire task force has been organised into 6 batches – 3 each from the PGDM and MBA wings. Each batch has been further sub-divided into 3 groups of 12-13 students each. Starting from the 4th of October, 2 groups from a batch have been trying to visit at least two schools each, every day. Every group spends one hour at its allocated schools, performing street plays, holding quizzes, etc. The first school the students of SCMS-Cochin School of Business visited this year was the SRV School, Ernakulam.

This year, the theme "Friends of Police", is aimed at bringing an attitudinal change in society and a positive recall value for the Police. The message that this initiative is spreading among the future generations is ‘Do not fear the law enforcers - respect them and be friendly towards them’.

Parivarthana 2012

Parivarthana 2012, the third phase of the social awareness program started by the students and alumni of SCMS, Cochin, is slated to be an even bigger success this year with the theme focused on improving the lives of students in various government schools of the state. The coveted, month- long social awareness campaign Parivarthana 2012 will witness active participation from the students and alumni of SCMS group of institutions, who will be visiting hundreds of government schools in the state to make aware students on a variety of social evils and the ways to eradicate them. The government schools who wish to be a part of the awareness program, may contact the administration at SCMS, Cochin. This year too, to mark the end of the month- long awareness program.

Parivarthana 2011

In the second phase of the social awareness program- Parivarthana 2011, that started on the 30th of September 2011 till the 30th of October 2011, the emphasis was laid on educating school going students on how they can protect themselves from some of the social evils the student community is increasingly exposed to in our modern society. The alumni and students from various SCMS group institutions once again targeted the school children in and around Cochin in a month long campaign to bring about a change in the society. Along with this, the Protect Your Mom (PYM) campaign was also included in the movement to spread awareness on a yet popular concept of early detection of breast cancer among women, its cure and the advances made in the field of detection and cure of cancer in India. The campaign concluded with an ever strong force of the walkathon that was inaugurated by Dr. V.P. Gangadharan, Senior Consultant and HOD, Medical Oncology Department, Lakeshore Hospital, Cochin from the Durbar Hall to the Marine Drive.

Parivarthana 2011, aimed at empowering students to face social challenges and problems of modern society, was inaugurated by Sreelekha IPS, IG, Ernakulam Range on the campus of SCMS, Cochin. To ensure efficiency in transportation and logistics, the schools proposed to be covered as grouped into 12 parts based on their geographic location.

Various entertaining as well as interactive sessions were conducted in the school campuses to make students aware of socially relevant themes and bring about a positive change in them.The topics included prevention of drug abuse in adolescents, promotion of personal hygiene, civic behaviour in children and safer social networking on the internet. The programme planned for the social awareness program inherited an assortment of activities like games, role play, mime and interactive sessions. Apart from entertaining and engaging the students, the programs were designed to educate the students by igniting their minds so that they take a firm resolution against drugs and commit themselves to good and safe living.

At the inauguration of the walkathon at Durbar Hall ground to earmark the conclusion of a month long campaign Parivarthana 2011, Chief guest, Dr. V.P. Gangadharan, Senior Consultant and HOD, Medical Oncology Department, Lakeshore Hospital, Cochin in his inaugural address exhorted on the importance of taking care of themselves and then taking care of their mothers. With the Protect Your Mother campaign as one of the lead issues, the students of SCMS group institutions made aware participating school students about breast cancer and the need for the women of India to detect it early so that they may be treated well in time. He also stressed that comparatively, the awareness of breast cancer among women in India is very low compared to the outside world.

The walkathon on October 30 that marked the conclusion of a month-long social awareness campaign PARIVARTHANA 2011 started from Durbar Hall ground at the Ernakulam Campus of SCMS group of institutions. Dr.V.P.Gangadharan, Sr. Consultant and HOD, Medical Oncology Department, Lakeshore Hospital , Dr.R.Padmakumar, Director, Sunrise Hospital , Dr. Sachidananda Kamath, President, IMA-Cochin, Group Directors of SCMS Group of Institutions, and Dr.V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS, COCHIN, were among the ones participating in the walkathon that ended at the Marine Drive. Aimed at social awareness and improving the society that we live in, Parivarthana 2011 saw active participation and overwhelming support from the students community and the alumni with the corporate connect.

Parivarthana 2010

Parivarthana 2010 earmarked the commencement of a month long social initiative and awareness program for social change, organised by the alumni and students of SCMS Group, Kochi along with Indian Medical Association from the 1st of November 2010 to the 1st of December 2010. Around 800 students from various SCMS Group institutions visited 6000 CBSE, ICSE and government schools in the district from 19th November to 30th November 2010, to create awareness among students on adolescent problems, reproductive sex education, misuse of technology and ways to prevent and fight AIDS. Apart from the comprehensive tools used like pamphlets, posters, charts, booklets, video cassettes and slide shows used in the awareness program, a walkathon was flagged off by District Collector M. Beena from the Durbar Hall to the Marine Drive as part of the conclusion of Parivarthana 2010.

One of the major issues Parivarthana 2010 picked up to create awareness program in the district is the better understanding of the causes and the ways to prevent AIDS. Schools participating under the program saw sensitive role plays by students that improved the understanding of the disease among the students. One of such role plays demonstrated how the lack of knowledge resulted a woman seeking blood for surgery and a person getting a tatoo made get infected with the deadly disease and that it could have been prevented with a little precaution. Students were also informed about dangers of not using the modern technology in a wise way with information pertaining to a person's over exposure to radio waves. Students were also advised not to reply to blank messages and missed calls from unknown sources as it may land them into unexpected data risk. Some of the schools that participated include Gregorian Public School, Maradu, Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara, and Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya, Kakkanad.

One of the eminent personalities associated with the program, M. Beena, District Collector stressed that discrimination and social stigma are two major hindrances towards fight against AIDS. She also flagged off the walkathon from the Durbar Hall that saw a participation of more than 800 students. Another personality, Dr. M C K Nair, Director, Child Development Centre, Thiruvananthapuram lectured on the right diet that students should have. As part of his endeavour to educate the students about the healthy eating habits, he advised to include more green vegetables in the food we eat, to avoid too much of fatty food/trans fat and minimise the use of cosmetics as it may result in acne and dermatological ailments. Indian Medical Association State President, G Vijayakumar who was present at the walkathon that started at 7:30 AM, on the 1st of December, spoke on the importance of creating awareness on the issues relating to AIDS and that how mostly ignorance is the reason behind people getting infected with the disease.

To create awareness among students and to engage them under the learning programs, interesting activities and events were planned in the schools. Painting competitions, sports activities, and planting saplings are a few of the activities that were organised to make students learn about the problems our civilisation is currently facing. As the name suggests, Parivarthana, the month- long social awareness campaign that has become an annual event with the SCMS group of institutions is a step towards a social change for the betterment of our society that we live in starting from the very school going children of our country that is the future of our country.

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